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Phrasal verb and Collocation in IELTS

Things you should know about Phrasal verb and Collocation in IELTS

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1. What is a phrasal verb?
A phrasal verb = a verb + preposition (with a special meaning).
For examples:
– to get ahead = be successful in your job.
– to take on = accept a particular job or responsibility.

2. What is a collocation?
A collocation is a group of words that sounds natural in English.
For examples:
– to lose temper = get angry quickly.
– be good company = friendly.

3. The importance of phrasal verbs and collocations in IELTS Speaking Module
– Native people use it.
– The individual words can’t help.
– These will be certainly noticed by the examiner.
– Using phrasal verbs, along with collocations, is a way to further potentially increase your speaking score in the IELTS speaking test.