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Listening Practice Sample

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1. John Smith
2. Simon Brambling (the surname is B R A M B L I N G)
3. Mr. Sean Fergus (the first name is spelled S E A N, and the family name F E R G U S)
4. J.K.Rowling (the last name is spelled R O W L I N G)
5. Mrs. Hilary Mitchel (her first name is H I L A R Y and the last name is M I T C H E L)

1. Birmingham ( B I R M I N G H A M )
2. Carlisle ( C A R L I S L E )
3. Chichester ( C H I C H E S T E R )
4. Leicester ( L E I C E S T E R )
5. Peterborough ( P E T E R B O R O U G H )
6. Truro ( T R U R O )
7. Wolverhampton ( W O L V E R H A M P T O N )
8. Amersham ( A M E R S H A M )
9. Framlingham ( F R A M L I N G H A M)
10. Gillingham ( G I L L I N G H A M )
11. Goole ( G O O L E )
12. Ormskirk ( O R M S K I R K)
13. Painswick ( P A I N S W I C K)
14. Rochdale ( R O C H D A L E)
15. Sawbridgeworth ( S A W B R I D G E W O R T H )

1. 5:20 (Five Twenty)
2. 7:15
3. 8:15
4. 7:45 (Quarter to Eight)
5. 4:40 (Four Forty)
6. 6:30 (Half Past Six)
7. 5:30
8. 7:30
9. 2:35 (Twenty Five To Three)
10. 2:25
11. 3:25

1. The building of the museum of the History of Science was built in 1683 (Sixteen Eighty Three)
2. The museum of the History of Science opened in 1925 (Nineteen Twenty Five)
3. Einstein’s blackboard was used in a lecture in Oxford on 16 May 1931 (The Sixteen of May, Nineteen Thirty One)
4. During the 3rd century BC (The Third Century BC), Irish metalsmiths had mastered the techniques of smelting and forging tools and weapons of iron.
5-6. Rowland Macy opened his first shops in the town of Haverhill in Massachusetts between 1843 and 1855 (Eighteen Forty Three and Eighteen Fifty Five)
7. Rowland Macy opened his first New York store on 18th/eighteenth of October 1858 (Eighteenth of October Eighteen Fifty Eight)
8. The Herald Square store was opened in 1902 (Nineteen 0 Two)
9. Macy’s is especially famous for its Thanksgiving Day parade, which marks the beginning of the Christmas season.
10-11-12. That’s not so bad – cheaper than I expected. So can we say I’ll collect it on the 17th (Seventeenth)? – that’s Thursday. No problem. And just to be clear, you intend to return it Monday morning.
13. Well, just to be on the safe I think I’ll keep it for the week and return it Wednesday – that should give me plenty of time.

1. 60 (Sixty)
2. 15 (Fifteen)
3. 14 (Fourteen)
4. 70 (Seventy)
5. 19 (Nineteen)
6. 80 (Eighty)
7. 30 (Thirty)
8. 50 (Fifty)
9. 16 (Sixteen)
10. 18 (Eighteen)
11. That’s 0231-4463-7689 (0 Two Three One Double Four Six Three Seven Six Eight Nine).
12. It’s 0231-4462-7689 (0 Two Three One Double Four Six Two Seven Six Eight Nine).
13. I’ll use my Visa card. The number is 2344-5587-6489-0112 (Two Three Double Four Double Five Eight Seven Six Four Eight Nine 0 Double One Two).

1. 150 Church Street (One hundred and Fifty Church Street)
2. 68C Bridge Lane (Sixty Eight C Bridge Lane)
3. 52 Burlington Road (Fifty Two Burlington Road – that’s B U R L I N G T O N)
4. 3 West Street (Three West Street)
5. 94A Notts Way (Ninety Four Notts Way – that’s with the Double T)
6. Flat 2, 24 Sleet Street (Flat Two, Twenty Four Sleet Street – that’s S L Double E T)
7. 63 Green Avenue (Sixty Three Green Avenue)
8. 54 Station Road (Fifty Four Station Road)
9. 102 Seaview Crescent (One Hundred and Two Seaview Crescent – that’s C R E S C E N T)
10. 41 Drummond Square (Forty One Drummond Square – that’s D R U M M O N D)

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