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Things to remember in IELTS Listening

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1. Only 1 listening test: same test (Academic and General Training)
2. 4 sections – 40 questions
Section 1 (Social) – 2 speakers
Section 2 (social) – 1 speaker
Section 3 (Academic) – 3/ 4 speakers
Section 4 (Academic) – 1 speaker
3. Length = 40 minutes
30 minutes – audio
10 minutes – transfer answers to the Answer Sheet
4. Practice using the Answer Sheet
5. In the test, you hear the recording only once
6. Use a pencil
7. Scores are calculated by correct answers
8. Pay attention to capital letters or lower case
9. Pay attention to the number of words for each answer
10. Pay attention to prepositions
11. All words and numbers are counted
12. Spelling is important
13. Pay attention words or letters (multiple choice)
14. Question types (multiple choice, map completion, diagram labeling, form completion, note completion, flow chart completion, sentence completion, summary completion, short answer questions, table completion)
15. Don’t try to understand everything
16. Prepare the questions and answers
17. Answers can come quickly
18. Keep your eye on the next question
19. Make notes
20. There may be a gap between answers
21. Common traps
Answers that are changed
Using similar words rather then paraphrases
22. Repeated answers
23. Listen for plurals
24. If you don’t know the answer, guess
25. Remember:
Listen to the example given
A range of accents will be used
Look for titles (diagrams, maps, tables)
Check where all the questions are
If you miss an answer, move quickly to the next one
Technical/academic language is not always paraphrases

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