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Two different strategies, same great result – how Saurab and Srinithya got Band 8 in IELTS (1)

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Saurab Mehra lives in India and speaks Hindi. He got IELTS Band 8 Overall with a perfect 9 in Reading, and here is how – in his own words:


“I would like to share the tips and ways I used to prepare for IELTS. I prepared for 2 weeks and got a good band score.


1. For Listening part,“ACE the IELTS” book helped me a lot. I used to practice early morning in a quiet environment which helped me build my concentration. Also, watching BBC news and other TV shows helped me understand the accent.


2. For Reading part, I practiced a lot. I’m an avid comic book reader so I developed a fast reading habit. I used to read the entire paragraph in one quick succession, and then read the questions and find the answers. This helped me find the right answers to all questions.


3. For Writing part, I practiced writing about many topics and read about current topics in newspapers and journals. This helped me enhance my knowledge and use complex sentences.


4. For Speaking part, practice with someone and prepare for common questions such as about favorite person, best friend, city or any current issue. I prepared well for a few topics and got one of them to speak on.


My advice:


1. Practice Listening in a quiet environment and use a watch to check the speed.


2. Develop a good reading pace. Remember, the 1st passage is easiest, 2nd is medium difficulty and 3rd is the hardest. Always check your answers after completing the passage. I used to spend 15 min on the 1st Reading section, 20 minutes on 2nd and 25 minutes on the 3rd. After completing each section, check for answers once.”
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