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Trinadh overcame his fears, confusion and overwhelm, and the prize was IELTS Band 7.5

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As a winner of IELTS competition, Trinadh kindly shared his tips, to help everyone score their best in IELTS. Here they are:
It is not that easy as it sounds. Even I felt it was difficult during the initial stages of my practice. The tips in “Ace The IELTS” helped me a lot. In addition to this, I started watching BBC News to get used to peculiar accents. You can watch your favorite movies or TV programs, and make sure you watch them without subtitles.
And after every test, play the listening audio again and identify how the answers are being embedded in the audio.
Again High Scorer’s Choice and Cambridge Tests. Though I’m okay with Reading, synonyms played the trick here. The more synonyms you know, the faster you’ll get the answer. For this, I started reading newspapers and weekly magazines to improve my vocabulary. Understand and implement the tips given in Ace The IELTS book. Practice as much as you can until you constantly get above 35 out of 40. 
For writing, understand the question first and try to identify what type of question it is. Read the band 8 & 9 essays to know the structure and format of the essay. Though I didn’t opt for writing correction services, I surely recommend it for the test takers if you want to score 7 and above. Make sure your style of writing is formal throughout the essay. And try to write the essays or letters/reports directly on the sample answer sheet that you’ll get on test day.
Here comes the fun part. However, it’s not as simple as you may think. You need to get used to the sequence of questions. I tried recording my speaking while practicing a few sample cue cards and general questions, and while listening to my own speech I identified my pain areas and focused improving on them. If you get a chance to talk to native speakers, it would be a great benefit for you. 
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