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Model answer IELTS test in India – August 2018 (Academic Module)

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Good morning, what’s your full name, please?

My full name is Kaisy Nguyen.

Could you please give me your ID card?

Here you are.

Nice to meet you, my name is…, and I come from…

I’ll begin by asking you some questions about yourself.


Can you tell me how far do you live from here?

Well, it’s easier for me to take this test today because I’m living right here in this city, just 20 minutes go by bus.

Do you enjoy selecting gifts for others? Why?

Obviously. I especially like the feeling when I think about someone I love and prepare a suitable present for them, then, they show their surprises with these gifts.

What was the last gift that you received?

It was my portrait picture that my boyfriend drew for my birthday. It’s about a month ago and I’m into it.

At what occasions are gifts given?

I suppose that we usually have gifts on special days or anniversaries, or maybe you find something suitable for someone then you buy it and give it to him/her.

A gift you received that you don’t like?

Well, it was a dress that isn’t my favorite style, it’s too sexy for me to wear it.

When do people give presents in your culture?

Well, there are a variety of reasons for giving gifts, including the special days or showing your emotion for someone etc.

Have you received any gift that you didn’t like?

Honestly, I love them all because they show others love for me so there’s no reason for me to hate them.

What do people do together with family?

In my country in general and my case in particular, we usually stay at home on Saturday in order to enjoy the meal and watch well-known movies or play games together.


Cue Card

Thank you very much. Let’s move on cue card topic. Here’s the question:

Talk about an older person that you know well. Please say

Who is this person?

How often do you meet him/her?

What do you usually do together?

I’d like you to speak on this topic for 2 minutes. Before that, you have 1 minute to prepare. And here’s some paper and pen for you to make some notes if you wish.

…1 minute…

Well, could you please begin.


Well, I would like to tell you some about my father, my real life teacher and one of the best friends of mine. Especially, I always admire his passion for lifelong learning and his scholarly knowledge about a huge number of things.

When my father was young, he was a soldier who had the chance to go to many places in my country, and that’s the reason why he has learned a lot of things, languages or cultures, which always attract us. In the next stage of his life, after getting married, he started to study at the university with the Mechanic major. By learning this field, he has been equipped with a great advanced theory and skill set and has opportunities to carry out a wide range of research, which brought him a mixed ability and excellent all-round knowledge.

Moreover, he is a good company person with an interesting and creative teaching method, which makes everyone enjoy being with him and learn things from him. Notably, I still remember, when I was little, my father was my best tutor, especially in Science Subjects. By now, I still often spend my spare time at weekend with my father in order to discuss the hot topics around the world and go to the park for jogging. And till now, he is my mentor who always gives me the most important lessons of life, teaches me how to make snap decisions and the best advice as well. Honestly, thanks to his upbringing, I’ve become the people of me now, with a warm heart and a vivid imagination to get the success in both my private life and my career. In my opinion, my present success is a crystal clear proof of my father’s influence on me.



Thank you very much.

How do you enjoy when you meet older people?

In my situation, when I meet my grandparent, I usually spend the time to talk with them, especially asking about the special moments or remarkable events of our family. Moreover, I take pleasure in going to the park to do yoga with them. It’s such an effective method to calm down and refresh myself.

Do you think people spend less time with family today compared to the past?

I suppose it’s yes. In the competitive modern society, it’s extremely stressful for supporting our own lives and our family, and that’s the reason why people have to spend much of their time to work. As a result, we do the best for our families but we don’t have time for it.

Should one parent give up a job to spend time with family?

In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement. According to Japan, the major of the woman in this country accept to give up their job for their families. It’s not about the unequal of genders, it’s about the suitable way to divide the pressure of life and each of member in a family need to be in charge of things that they can do the best.


Thank you very much. It’s the end of our test.

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