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Model answer IELTS Speaking test in Nigeria – August 2018

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– What is your full name?

My full name is Kaisy Nguyen.

– Can I see your ID?

Here it is.

– Where are you from?

I’m living in T city of J – one of the biggest and the most beautiful cities in my country.

– Do you work or study?

I’m studying for a Master degree at the Academy of Journalism and Communication.

– What do you study?

I’m learning about the media field and how to use it effectively in modern society.

– What is your major?

It’s External Information – one of the newest sections of modern media.

– What is your favorite subject? Why did you choose it?

It’s definitely English. From my point of view, this subject is most important in this field and it’s also a useful bridge for people nowadays to connect with each other.

– Let’s talk about music. Do you like music? Why?

Dance music is my passion and my life. There is no greater feeling than being one with the music with my friends, and dancing to the music we love.

– Did your musical taste change since the childhood?

Yes, it did. When I was little, folk music is music that every day I can play. By now, modern music inspires me a lot.


Cue Card

Thank you very much. Let’s move on cue card topic. Here’s the question:

Talk about a place/ a river/ a lake where you usually go with your friends. Please say

– What place and where is it?
– When did you visit it for the first time?
– What do you do there?

– Explain why you go there.

I’d like you to speak on this topic for 2 minutes. Before that, you have 1 minute to prepare. And here’s some paper and pen for you to make some notes if you wish.

…1 minute…

Well, could you please begin.


About a month ago I went to Sword Lake with some friends for the weekend and we had a great time at this place. It’s the largest lake in my country, and I think it’s the biggest fresh-water lake in the world, although I’m not one hundred percent sure if I remember that correctly, it is enormous, and it even crosses the border into other neighbor cities as well. We were in a place called Ecolodge, by the side of the lake so we could go swimming and kayaking and other stuff.

As I said, we went there for a long weekend and it was great fun. My friend comes from there, so for him, it was like going home for the weekend. We met some of his friends and relatives too and went to some of the places which he hadn’t been to for a while. We stayed at his parent’s house so that was a warm and cozy feeling and it was really homey and comfortable.

On the morning after we arrived, we went out on Sword Lake in a canoe and paddled around for about an hour or so – it was an incredible view from out on the water and we took some amazing photos while we were out there. Then we came back in and had lunch at a small restaurant near the harbor, which was delicious. In the afternoon, we strolled around town for a while and saw some of the local places, and then in the evening we went to a party my friend’s cousin was having – it was near at the side of the lake near an old cabin that belonged to their family, so it was really nice. There was a nice breeze coming off the lake at night so it was nice and fresh and cool.



Thank you very much.
– Do you like public places?

Well, I suppose that it depends on the quality of these public places. I’d prefer public places for entertainment because they contain good services. In contrast, the center parks are always not the best choice for me to relax and refresh because they are usually parched.
– Do you like to visit big events?

Honestly, I’m an outgoing person so I’m a great fan of big events, especially music festivals. I even have to go out to take part in an event each weekend with my family or friends.
– Is being social good? Why?

I guess that everything has 2 sides, drawbacks and benefits, so being an extroverted person will be both good and bad. The advantages are a lot such as it’s easy to make friends, being supremely confident etc. However, in some cases, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on only one thing if you’re a sociable person. Furthermore, someone will find you talkative when you’re an outgoing people.

Thank you very much. It’s the end of our test.


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