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Model answer IELTS test in Iran – August 2018 (Academic Module)

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Good morning, what’s your full name, please?

My full name is Kaisy Nguyen.

Could you please give me your ID card?

Here you are.

Nice to meet you, my name is…, and I come from…

I’ll begin by asking you some questions about yourself.


Are you working or studying?

I’m working in Banking field as an accountant.

Where are you working?

I’m working in ANZ bank in Singapore.

Is it necessary to make friends?

Well, I suppose that it depends on who you want to make friends. In some cases, I don’t think that it’s too necessary to do.

What role do your friends play in personal life as well as at work?

From my point of view, the true friends play one of the most important roles in our personal life and work, as same as your family. In fact, your friendship usually shows up who you are in the society outside.

Do you use a dictionary every day?

Honestly, I just use an English dictionary when I need to look up a word.

Will you write a dictionary in the future?

I don’t think that I have enough ability and skill to do it, even in my whole life.

Cue Card

Thank you very much. Let’s move on cue card topic. Here’s the question:

Talk about a country where you want to settle down in the future. Please say

– What country is it?
– Where did you hear about it?
– What attracts you to it?

I’d like you to speak on this topic for 2 minutes. Before that, you have 1 minute to prepare. And here’s some paper and pen for you to make some notes if you wish.

…1 minute…

Well, could you please begin.


Well, I’d love to tell you some about Korea, one of the most beautiful places that I’ve traveled with my family 2 years ago. Honestly, I take pleasure in Korea because I’m a big fan of Korean extremely romantic and touching dramas. From what I’ve seen via TV, I decided to travel to this country. Especially, it was actually a great decision that I’ve made.

In detail, Korea has all the things we need for traveling, from the prominent mountain to the incredible beach. The mountains themselves may look more attractive from afar and I really love to see the most stunning view from the peak of these mountains. Although Korea has a successful tourism, the people living here still know how to keep these sites aren’t packed with tourists. Moreover, I still remember I discovered a unique and magnificent mist filled valley after strolling around.

Besides, stunning landscapes, breathtaking views often lead to us instinctively wanting to capture them with a camera. Notably, my husband and I love going to the movie theatre, seeing live comedy, and going to amusement parks of these sites. Especially, we were excited about the night-life in Seoul city of Korea. This is definitely a lovely and lively place and the night-life is fantastic. When we stayed in Busan, in the evenings, we went out to try some local food, especially seafood near the beach. Interestingly, the city sites are fantastic in the autumn with the golden tree-lines streets.

Therefore, I suppose that this is the holiday of my lifetime.



Thank you very much.

What is the role of government in the country’s development?

Well, I guess that no one can deny how important the role of government is in a country’s development. I suppose that without a government, a country likes a snake without its head, so it means that the role of a government is irreplaceable. In detail, a good government system will lead a country to reach its peak, and, in contrast, a bad government system can destroy all the achievements of a country. Therefore, the policy of a government is a vulnerable decisive factor that effects directly on the butter and bread of the people in this country.


Thank you very much. It’s the end of our test.


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