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Model answer IELTS Speaking test in India – September 2018

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Good morning, what’s your full name, please?

My full name is Kaisy Nguyen.

Could you please give me your ID card?

Here you are.

Nice to meet you, my name is…, and I come from…

I’ll begin by asking you some questions about yourself.


– Do you work or study?

I’m studying for a Master degree at the Academy of Journalism and Communication.

– Can you tell me how far do you live from here?

Well, it’s easier for me to take this test today because I’m living right here in this city, just 20 minutes go by bus.

Do you use apps often on your phone or computer?

Yes, I do. I even can’t live without Google map app on my MacBook and iPhone.

What kind of apps do you use?

Beside Google map, I suppose that most of us often use Facebook, Messenger and dictionary apps.

Would you like to create your own app?

Well, I don’t think that I can do it but I wish I could.

What kind of outdoor activities do you like?

I’m a big fan of sports and I really enjoyed running barefoot on the grass.

What outdoor activities do you like to do with other people?

I’m into playing badminton with my friends at the weekend and honestly, I’m good at it.

What outdoor activities did you do as a child?

I think that I’m a fan of sports and I especially liked playing football, badminton, and swimming when I was young.


Cue card

Thank you very much. Let’s move on cue card topic. Here’s the question:

Describe a place in the world that you would like to travel to

You should say:

How and when you would go there, and who with

How you know about this place

What the scenery/cityscape is like

And explain why you would like to go there

I’d like you to speak on this topic for 2 minutes. Before that, you have 1 minute to prepare. And here’s some paper and pen for you to make some notes if you wish.

…1 minute…

Well, could you please begin.


Well, I’d love to tell you some about Korea, one of the most beautiful places that I’ve travelled with my family 2 years ago. Honestly, I take pleasure in Korea because I’m a big fan of Korean extremely romantic and touching dramas. From what I’ve seen via TV, I decided to travel to this country. Especially, it was actually a great decision that I’ve made.

In detail, Korea has all the things we need for travelling, from the prominent mountain to the incredible beach. The mountains themselves may look more attractive from afar and I really love to see the most stunning view from the peak of these mountains. Although Korea has a successful tourism, the people living here still know how to keep these sites aren’t packed with tourists. Moreover, I still remember I discovered a unique and magnificent mist filled valley after strolling around. Besides, stunning landscapes, breathtaking views often lead to us instinctively wanting to capture them with a camera. Notably, my husband and I love going to the movie theatre, seeing live comedy, and going to the amusement parks of these sites. Especially, we were excited about the night-life in Seoul city of Korea. This is definitely a lovely and lively place and the night-life is fantastic.

When we stayed in Busan, in the evenings, we went out to try some local food, especially seafood near the beach. Interestingly, the city sites are fantastic in the autumn with the golden tree-lines streets. Therefore, I suppose that this is the holiday of my lifetime.



Thank you very much.

What is more important for you, the job or its location?

Well, from my point of view, if I love a job, I’ll accept it even it’s far or near to my house. In contrast, I don’t think I’ll get a job because I can save time for commuting even I’m not into it. In my opinion, passion leads you to do the best, not the convenience.

What aspects are important for a workplace to be nice?

I guess that it depends on your colleagues because the people are always the core of a company, who make the good or bad atmosphere for us in order to work effectively. Moreover, the decoration of the workplace plays an important too. The reason is it creates the inspiration for people in it.

Is it possible to know if people who live in certain areas are happy?

I suppose that it’s pretty hard because we need to base on a number of categories to estimate this thing. Moreover, only the experts in the social field have enough knowledge and experience to understand it correctly.


Thank you very much. It’s the end of our test.


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