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Describe a person you would like a study or work with

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  • Who this person is 
  • What this person does 
  • Why only him/her?
  • and explain why you have want to study/work with him/her?.

I am the kind of person who prefers to study alone as I need full concentration if I am studying a lengthy topic. However, every now and then If the subject is abstruse I would prefer to study either in a group or with classmates. If I had an opportunity, I would like to study with John S. Scott who is the cream of the crop of American journalists.

I always wanted to become a news reporter, so If I could study the plethora of techniques about how to handle the difficult situation in the debate. This is because I have never seen him losing him momentum in any programs no matter how many opponents, he can handle and reply to all his rivals. Another thing which I would love to learn from him is his diplomatic way of talking which is quite difficult for debaters.

Concerning why only him, as I said before, I’ve never seen such personality in my entire life and his unique person who has numerous qualities. I’ve read his biography it seems to me that, despite his limited financial resources, he had gone to Oxford University to pursue his Masters in Journalism. All he did through scholarship he won through his determination, perseverance and hardworking. I have also heard that he used to burn midnight oil while studying.

In short, John S. Scott is the person with whom I would love to study in future, If I had such an opportunity. I will really capture in my memory of all the time I spend studying with him.


Question: What kind of people do you like to study or work with?

Answer: I prefer to study or work with an intelligent, cooperative and helpful person because , I’m very serious related to my studies and work. If i do work with these types of person then i easily share and get the knowledge from each other’s as well as, easily understand without face any sorts of difficulties.

Question: Do you think managers can be friends with their workers?

Answer: yes, they can but both know the limits and, they always know a friendship cannot affect the work. They are learning about the bounders of friendship and work.

Question: do you like to learn on your own or with others?

Answer: Actually, sometimes I prefer to study alone and sometimes I like to learn with others. I manage with both ways but, I only like those persons who are serious related to learning new things.

Question: Do you prefer to study at home or study in other places? 

Answer: I like to study at home but, sometimes i go to library. According to me, study at home is a more comfortable and good choice for me. There I get an atmosphere to study when i sit alone and read the books or notes and, I easily understand